IMG 2328aStatement of Purpose

The European Region of the International Maritime Rescue Federation (IMRF) in association with various IMRF Members organise a yearly Exchange Programme for lifeboat crew from several European maritime sea rescue institutes.

The main goal of this exchange is to share knowledge and to learn from each other.

Through the Exchange our volunteers will be exposed to different ideas, training methods, cultures and experiences.

This will help challenge some thinking, help to develop areas of consistency between lifeboat services and ultimately improve the overal maritime SAR response of all the organisations involved.





The Story So Far ...

The Crew Exchange 2017 took place from 23 to 30 September 2017 and was - as always - very successful. The event brought together 65 volunteers from 13 countries to exchange ideas and experience the training of the host organisation.


The next Lifeboat Crew Exchange will be from 22-29 September 2018!


If you are interested in the Crew Exchange Project, and would like to know more about it and how you could be involved, please visit our "Join Us" page.

The best way to understand how it all works, is to hear directly from those attending. You can do this by logging onto the Facebook page, visit the Lifeboat Crew Exchange - Media Gallery, or reviewing the IMRF Blog comments below.


"What an amazing and fulfilling experience! An unforgettable week!"
2012 - RNLI Volunteer (went to KNRM Netherlands)


The 2017 Lifeboat Crew Exchange Programme was support by Erasmus+ a European Union Lifelong Learning Programme initiative. KNRM again have managed the project coordinating funding applications, hosted meetings for those coordinating the exchange in the individual organisation and made sure all involved were well informed.

Any individuals interested, need to advise your lifeboat organisation. If your lifeboat organisation is interested in participating, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.


When asked the question: "From your recent experience can you provide one highlight, for you personally, from the Crew Exchange?" -

Ómar Örn Sigmundsson from ICE-SAR, Iceland, in 2017 answered:

"Ohh, that is realy difficult [to answer], because the whole weekend was so experienceful. [I] met [a] lot of great pepole and all af them are doing great things!"



Objectives of the Programme

1.   Exchange practical experience and best practices between European Maritime Emergency Search and Rescue (MESR) organisations to support improvements in quality of VET practices; 
2.  Facilitate participants in personal development, acquiring skills and employablity within European rescue activities;
3.  Develop and maintain a transnational communication platform for cooperation between MESR organisations, exchanging results, evaluations and experiences;
4.  Improve the knowledge of the Maritime English terminology for Lifeboat Crew members (as English is the world-wide and European working language in maritime organisations).


2017 Activity Report

Want to know more about the International Maritime Rescue Federation (IMRF)? View, or download the 2017 Activity Report below.

2017 Activity Report

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